Alberto Del Rio Interview with Eurosport [TRANSCRIPT]

Angelina Licchelli took the time to indulge in a recent interview that conducted with WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio. She also took the time to transcribe the entire interview!
Below you can read the entire interview featuring questions from fans on a whole range of topics.

[NOTE – This transcription was created by Angelina Licchelli of Dropkick Radio. If you use this transcript elsewhere please give credit to Eurosport for the interview and Dropkick Radio for the transcription.]

Alberto Del Rio in CHAT – Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Eurosport: Hello to all friends and fans of Yahoo! Eurosport Italy Wrestling … Today in the office is the WWE Superstar, Alberto Del Rio, who will answer your questions from about 15:30 onwards.

Eurosport: You can already start to write your questions in the space provided:

Eurosport: Alberto Del Rio has arrived here in the newsroom in Milan … In a short while he will answer your questions, don’t go away!

Comment by nicholas: I would ask alberto del rio when will he return to action on Raw??

Alberto Del Rio: In 2-3 weeks I’m waiting for the OK from my Doctors

Comment by Mark: Because I know you’re married and have a family, do they miss you when you are away with WWE? You yourself are a child of a wrestler, so how did you feel when your father was away from home? Thanks, keep it up you’re the best!

Alberto Del Rio: I always feel that it is quality of time not quantity of time. My Father is an excellent Dad and We enjoyed his time at home.

Comment by Guest: Hello Alberto, I think I’m one of your hardcore fans! I’m excited for your return. During your match and promos, very often we hear ‘Boos’. But behind those ‘Boos’ are also fans who appreciate you so much! Do you feel this affection towards you or not?

Alberto Del Rio: For me it’s the same thing if the fans boo or not, because my role is the villain. I’m happy when you clap me though.

Comment by Damian: What have you missed the most in WWE during your absence?

Alberto Del Rio: Great question, I feel I have missed a lot, because this business is my life.

Comment by joseph: Hello Alberto who is your favorite colleague? why?

Alberto Del Rio: The Undertaker because he conducts himself very well and is seen as the Godfather of wrestling and Rey Mysterio because for the Latino people he is a source of inspiration and of course a great performer.

Comment by Gianluca: Hello Alberto, in 2011 you won the Royal Rumble and were a main event at WM 27, but now you are out of Rumble 2012 and off the WM 28 card, are you are a bit disappointed?

Alberto Del Rio: Of course but I’m not mad, the injury came at a very important and bad time. However, this is an occupational hazard.

Comment by nicholas: I would ask him what he thinks of the match between Cena and Rock at wm28 and if He supports the words of John Cena who says that he fights for those who perform throughout the year?

Alberto Del Rio: There are great expectations for this match. I liked The Rock, but John Cena is right in what he says and he works hard every day of the year. I want John Cena to win.

Comment by Gianluca: Does it make you proud to induct your Uncle, Mil Mascaras, into the 20112 Hall of Fame in Miami?

Alberto Del Rio: Yes, it is a very important moment for my country not only for my family. Lucha Libre is treated as a religion in Mexico.

Comment by runner: Who deserves a big push in 2012?

Alberto Del Rio: Drew McIntyre, definitely, he has so much talent, He’s been on a losing streak this year but I feel he will recover and be a big star. Also, I love his finisher.

Comment by polletta91: Hello Albertooooo deeeel Riooooo! First of all congratulations you are my absolute favorite! I wanted to ask what are your plans for wrestlemania?

Alberto Del Rio: I’ll be there in Miami to enjoy Wrestlemania, but I’m not sure that I will have a match at Wrestlemania, because of my injury.

Comment by Miss Del Rio: I wanted to ask Alberto what he thinks of the Italian public that follows wrestling and if you ever had some difficulty in being a true “Heel”

Alberto Del Rio: I like the Italian fans, supporting me as if I were a babyface. They appreciate my talent as a wrestler, the quality of my matches are important to them. Many times the bad guys do not win, but they are the favorites of the Italian public, it’s nice.

Comment by Francis: Hello Alberto, I would like to ask what wrestler or superstars, you’d like to face in a feud in the future? Thanks Alberto 

Alberto Del Rio: I’d say Randy Orton. I’d like a storyline with him. It would be great not only for me but for the fans.

Comment by Freddie133: Would you like a challenge against Sin Cara when he returns?

Alberto Del Rio: Sin Cara is currently a midcarder. I challenge people on my level like CM Punk, Sin Cara is not on our level so he must work hard to get to face me.

Comment by marco c: hello alberto what about Santino Marella .. seems like a great entertainer and The Cobra is a fun finishing move.

Alberto Del Rio: I love Santino he is one of my first WWE friends that I made outside the ring and is great fun both in the ring and out. I’m happy for him.

Comment by Francis: Hello guys! Hello Alberto! I would like to know … Does Ricardo Rodriguez keeps his car in your garage?

Alberto Del Rio: No No, He washes my cars. That’s why he’s allowed in my Garage.

Comment by nicholas:If you had the opportunity to wrestle a current Champion for his belt, which one and why?

Alberto Del Rio: CM Punk, Daniel Bryan is fantastic and I respect him a lot. But Punk is one of my favorite opponents. Last Year, we had some great matches against each other, some of my favourite matches I have had. Honestly, Punk is a true superstar to me.

Comment by Guest: Hello Alberto, Which match has been your favourite in WWE so far and who would you like to face who you have not yet met?

Alberto Del Rio: Many matches were beautiful as I mentioned before. I remember my debut match against Mysterio very fondly. Also, the match against Cena at Vengeance when the ring is broken was different and memorable.

Comment by Lawrence: Hello, Alberto, I’m your biggest fan. I wanted to ask you something: you are Mexican, and often in the WWE wrestlers who are “not Americans” are viewed as not as important as those born in the States. Is this true?

Alberto Del Rio: It’s not a problem and I am the example, the WWE last year gave me many great opportunities. I think that it doesn’t matter if you are Italian, English, French or Mexican, if you have talent the WWE promotes you.

Comment by Michelle: Alberto, The WWE doesn’t like to promote the divas too much, but who is your most beautiful Diva and who is your favourite Diva to watch?

Alberto Del Rio: They are all beautiful and I can not choose one in particular. But my favourite overall is Kharma, Diva or not she is fantastic in the ring and I love to watch her wrestle.

Comment from John: Hello Alberto, your current finisher (the Cross Armbreaker) I really like, but I love your enziguri too. Do you think it could soon become your first finishing move? Hello and thank you.

Alberto Del Rio: Some times I used it as a finisher, especially in Mexico. It depends on the opportunity as it presents itself to me in the ring, I use whichever I feel will get me a win in a particular match.

Comment by AleVitra:You are descended from a family of masked Luchadors is it a regret of yours that you are not masked in WWE?

Alberto Del Rio: My mask is important to me, but it makes sense to be unmasked in WWE. I enjoy that. I have already decided to wear my mask in my retirement match though, whether in WWE or Mexico.

Comment by Guest: What do you think about cm punk?

Alberto Del Rio: What can I say that I have not already said about Punk? CM Punk is not just a superstar, He is a huge superstar, my favourite opponent. I have a lot of love and respect for him.

Comment by James: Will you perform on the tour of Rome and Milan?

Alberto Del Rio: I do not know yet … I must first recover from the injury …. I’ll definitely still be here in Italy, though.

Comment by Angel: Hello Alberto! I’d like to see you as a babyface. What do you think? Also, for your entrance is really spectacular!

Alberto Del Rio: I do not care that the people is for or against me. The important thing is that I am appreciated by a response of boos or cheers. This is the important thing. it is important that people see me as a superstar talent that they want to see. I enjoy being heel.

Comment by Gerardo Alberto … are you really that rich? What is your relationship with Ricardo Rodriguez in reality?

Alberto Del Rio: Haha, in truth, Ricardo is my good friend. Am I rich? erm, the WWE definitely pays well, I can not complain.

Comment by Louis: What do you think of THE Miz? THANK YOU

Alberto Del Rio: Well, he is definitely a great talent, had problems in the main event and is now comfortable as a mid-carder, But he will return for sure, I think.

Comment by Guest: What do you like in Italy?

Alberto Del Rio: I love everything Italian. I like everything. I just had an Italian coffee and I’m very happy about that!

Comment by Angel: Hello Alberto you are my favorite superstar, I would ask how about the feud between john cena and the rock?

Alberto Del Rio: They are doing a great job. WrestleMania will be a great event. John Cena will win for me, I cheer for Cena, he works hard and well to get to this level and deserves a great victory. He also held the federation on his shoulders for a long time.

Comment by RazorDisaster: Have a prominent family in the business behind it as it helps in wrestling? What does the mask mean to Luchadors?

Alberto Del Rio: In Mexico, my family is very important in terms of wrestling. In Mexico’s Lucha Libre is like a religion. Many wrestlers have been buried with the mask upon their death, for example, Blue Demon and El Santo.

Comment by Anthony Liss: Don’t you feel that ‘Out of Character’ interviews like this, damage your gimmick and how fans see your character?

Alberto Del Rio: I suppose but I am who I am. And I appreciate my true fans for enjoying me in what I do every day, whether interviews or playing heel. They are smart and nice people.

Comment by Arianna: Hello Alberto, what do you think Eddie Guerrero? Thank you.

Alberto Del Rio: Eddie was a great athlete and a true legend for us Mexicans

Comment by Gianluca: What you see in your future in WWE?

Alberto Del Rio: Right now my only goal is to get back there, hopefully in the next 2-3 weeks.

Guest comment: How does it feel to win the royal rumble

Alberto Del Rio It was an incredible moment of my career. But I had worked really hard to get to these levels I was the new guy in WWE but I had worked hard for years to attain it.

Comment by danny: alberto hello what is your favorite sport besides wrestling? Hello and thanks 

Alberto Del Rio: Well, as I said before, I love football. I remember when I said to the fans in Barcelona in front of thousands of people that I loved real madrid and that …. I loved very much …. hugo sanchez. That was a great feeling!

Alberto Del Rio: guys I gotta run because I have other work commitments. I wanted to thank you for all for your passion, and thanks for the hundreds of questions you sent. I remind you to watch the Wrestlemania 28 PPV. I look forward to seeing you all face to face in milan and rome.

Thank you very much and thanks to Eurosport. Soon you will see my interview on line.

Lanati & Mariani: Thank you all for participating. Alberto was very happy with the time spent with you. He apologizes if He did not answer your question, there were so many. A heartfelt thanks.
Lanati Paul & Paul Mariani

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